Accommodation is an extremely important part of our programme. Students stay with carefully selected host families in the Athlone area.

We regularly visit and inspect the homes to ensure that they match the highest standards. Families look forward to having students in their homes and learning about new cultures as well as sharing their own; this engagement provides the students with a great opportunity to practise their English.

Many of the families have taken students every year since the school was established and are well known to the school staff. Students can be housed with a friend or by themselves. They often share with a student of another nationality which eases the transition of staying away from home in a foreign country.

Students staying with host families are provided with three meals a day (including a packed lunch for those attending classes) and are welcome to take part in family activities. For those attending the summer courses, Sunday is considered to be ‘Family Day’, where the students spend the day with their host family, taking part in any activities planned by the family and often going on excursions together. Full participation in the life of the host family is expected. The students benefit greatly from the cultural interaction between themselves and their new environment.

For students participating in the Academic Programme and not within walking distance of the school, a bus is provided with different stops throughout the town. The bus journey to the school is no more than 20 minutes.

For students over 18, or groups who are under 18 and have group leaders, we can offer luxury, self-catering apartment accommodation, with or without full board.

Students are placed with carefully selected host families who are inspected regularly. Groups, depending on size, may stay in apartment accommodation which is close to the school. Apartment accommodation is fully supervised on a 24-hour basis.

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