Laura Enjuto’s experience of working with Shannon Academy

Laura glMy name is Laura Enjuto I am a group leader from Spain. I have been coming to Athlone for 9 years now and I have been working with Shannon Academy for 7 years. I like Athlone I find it’s very good for the programme we are trying to run. This is a small town for us but at the same time it has everything we need, there are shopping centres, a cinema, a bowling alley, and there are schools of course. Basically, this is what we want. We want our students to go to school and for them to have places to go afterwards to enjoy their free time.

The people here are very friendly I have never had a problem with anybody and in fact I will say that I feel very secure, very protected and everyone is taking care of me especially those in Shannon Academy. Any problem I have is solved right away. I like coming here and working with the Shannon Academy staff, they are the best I must tell you the BEST. Athlone is great, it is a very handy town. The location is great, it’s very central which is convenient for us because every Saturday we go on trips to different places such as Dublin, Galway or Kilkenny and we never have to travel far. My favourite aspect would have to be going out and enjoying the social scene. It has history as well and it’s an interesting town. Without any doubt I would recommend Shannon Academy particularly because of the staff working here they are very friendly and provide anything you need at any time.