Mario Pozo Jiménez – My experience as a student in Ireland

Mario tells us a little about his experience as a student in Ireland. 

I arrived in Ireland on the 26th August and I went to my host family´s house. My first impression was that the family was kind.

I was a little worried at the beginning because I did not understand everything that they were saying to me, but the family helped me all the time. That day we went into town for a look around.
The first few days were enjoyable, the family showed me around the town, we attended a wedding party on a boat and myself and the father began building a bench.

On the September 3rd I started school. I knew people from different parts of Spain and different parts of Europe like Italy and Germany. I spoke with the director of my new class. After school when I get back home I always speak with the family about my day. On the second day in school I met a Spanish boy Ander, he is in my class and we are good friends.