Matilda Héndez: A typical day attending Our Lady’s Bower Secondary school

Matilda Héndez is from Spain and she recently attended Our Lady’s Bower Secondary School for 8 weeks as a first year student. Here Matilda tells us a little bit about a typical day attending the school.

Matilda Héndéz photoWe are in a beautiful school called Our Lady’s Bower. It is a catholic school and it is an all girl’s school. We do different subjects such as Home Economics, Art, History, Irish, Science, Religion, English, P.E, Maths, Geography, French, C.S.P.E and S.P.H.E.

My favourite subject is art, we do a lot of creative things in this amazing room filled with art work that has been designed by students from various classes.

At lunch time we eat at the canteen, I can either bring my own lunch or alternatively have food from the cafeteria. Once we are finished eating, one group of girls must clean and tidy the area. A group of girls are chosen weekly and take it in turns to clean up after lunch/ before the next class begins.

In the afternoon we finish school at 3.50 on Monday and Tuesday. We finish school at 3.10 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

When school finishes I get back to my host family on a local bus that collects lots of other children from different schools as well.

I really hope I can come back again for another year.