Placement Test

This test will give you an approximate idea of your English level and the results will be shown to you and emailed to Shannon Academy of English.

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Would you like ____ to Spain for your holidays?
I’m going to bed because I ____ to Germany early in the morning.
There ____bread left to make a sandwich.
____ people use skype to keep in contact with family abroad.
There are __________new families in the neighbourhood.
Is your house very large? ________
What ____ she want?
Sarah knows someone ____visited 10 countries in 1 year.
You ____ smoke inside a public building.
The ____ shops to buy clothes in, are popular fashion designers.
She ____ obsessed with playing the piano when she was a child.
He’s not married ___?
How long ____ you had your new phone?
Oh! It ____. I’ll leave my jacket at home.
‘What are you doing tomorrow after school?’
‘We ____ to the cinema with our friends.’
I plan to ____my wages on new clothes.
I ____ sushi before.
She has ____ finished her homework for the weekend.
I don’t think you ____to your mother that way.
That project ____ to us before.
I didn’t eat your lunch. It must have been eaten ___ someone else.
I am very ___ in the history of Ireland.
They ___ their exams because they didn’t study.
____ anyone invite Ciara to the party ?
We couldn't fall asleep because our neighbours ____ a lot of noise.
‘What would you like to do this evening?’
‘I don’t mind ____ you think.’
I can't find my keys. I ____ them.
His mother told him he ____ to stay out late.
His Mother asked John where ____ all day.
She told him ______ a coat.
She finished her work quickly ____ she could go home early.
He ____the same doctor since he was a child.
She ____ much better since she left the hospital last week.
I had a big breakfast so I ____ lunch.
Did you read all ____ the information in your guide book?
The concert was ____ crowded it was difficult to move.
She ____ the sack last week and is now looking for a new job.
I need some help cleaning the kitchen. Could you ___ me a hand?
I couldn't get in ____ with you all day. Where have you been?
We will go to the beach today ____ it rains.

Thank you for taking the Shannon Academy Online Placement Test.