Student Experience- Gracia Calvo

GraciaI arrived in Ireland on the 26th of August. My host mum Kay picked me up. I thought the house was big and comfortable. The family were very nice to me and I liked the dog a lot. The first week I went to a football match, it was very cold, but I really enjoyed it.

I started school a week after I got here. The teachers and the students were very welcoming, and I made friends the first day.
My favourite subject is English. The teacher helps me a lot and so do my classmates.
I started going swimming after school some evenings, other evenings I would go to the gym. On Thursdays, I go to Pilates with my host mother and sister (Katy).
I am doing well in school. I have a lot of study to do for the exams coming up.

At the weekends I meet with my friends and we go to town, have a hot chocolate or to a house to watch a movie. I video chat with my mum in Spain often and with some friends too. I am getting used to the cold and rainy weather in Ireland, but I do at times miss the sunny days in Spain.

On midterm break my family (mum, dad, sister, aunt, and cousin) came to Ireland to visit me for a couple of days. We stayed at a hotel in Dublin. My Irish host parents met my family. During the week, we visited the Cliffs of Moher, it was amazing! In Dublin City we did a lot of different tours. My family left on Wednesday and I was quite sad saying goodbye but I soon felt better again. The rest of the break, I met my friends at Eddie Rockets and I did my homework.

I went back to school and soon got used to getting up early again. In December, there is going to be a talent show in the school and I am going to participate in it playing the ukulele and singing, it will be fun! Last week I went to an aqua fitness class in the swimming pool, it was good, but very tiring! My experience in Ireland so far has been very interesting and enjoyable! I am learning a lot and I would recommend it!