We have worked with Shannon Academy since 2004 organising different packages of activities for students. It is a pleasure to work with them because they provide us with all the services we demand, and they always try to adapt themselves to our requirements. Caoimhe is flexible and willing to work on any project – she assumes control and adapts herself to possible changes.

They are very organised and reliable, and they always ensure that the job gets done.

Carlos Fernández Company Director, Zaragoza, Spain 21st December 2014

As a Spanish group leader, I’ve been to Athlone with Shannon Academy about three or four times with different groups of different ages. I have very nice memories of those stays. It was always a pleasure going back to Athlone.

First of all, Athlone is a pleasant town to stay in; it is a perfect size for teenagers (big enough to have things to do but small enough to keep everything under control); and I find its residents friendly and welcoming. I have to say that I have been in love with Irish people since my first stay in Athlone.

One of the biggest concerns of students, their parents and leaders, is the host family. For many of the students, it’s the first time they leave their home for such a long time (three or four weeks), and they’re a bit scared about staying for that time with a family they don’t know and who doesn’t even speak their language. I must say that Shannon Academy is very careful in choosing host families and, most importantly, they know those families. In a case where there is a problem, they’ve always reacted really quickly. Their main concern is the well-being of the students. Personally, I always stayed with lovely families, and I think I can say that most of the students had a very good relationship with families and were sad to leave them.

I also like the activities they organise in the afternoons and at weekends. We’ve visited Dublin, Galway, Clonmacnoise, Athenry Heritage Centre … and went bowling, went to the cinema, did treasure hunts over Athlone, did Irish dancing, etc.

Shannon Academy staff members are committed to what they do; teachers and free-time supervisors are nice with the students and they do their best for their English learning and their personal experience.

I would say, after having worked for several years with Shannon Academy, that the best thing about them is that they know what they’re doing; they know Athlone (and they’re known in Athlone); they know families they work with; they appreciate students’ and leaders’ concerns and try to solve them even before they show up.

Also, we’ve asked them for different things such as “Cultural Week” during the year – this I loved and gave Spanish and Irish students the opportunity to exchange notes about Spanish and Irish cultures; four-to-one classes that provide more intensive progress in English; or the classical summer courses. In summary, they listen and adapt to what their students and clients look for.

So, I totally recommend Shannon Academy if you want your children to have a nice stay in Ireland, improve their English and know more about Irish culture and people. Personally, I always had a great time in Athlone, and it was a pleasure to work with them.


Pepa Estebean Zuriaga Spanish Group Leader 21st December 2014

Shannon Academy is a wonderful school where you can learn the English language very well and relate with other people.

It is located in a favourable position in the town and, so, it is easy to reach by all means of transport.

People who work there are very kind, warm and understanding; the preparation and high qualification levels of the teachers are very good even sectoral, as scientific language; they know the Irish traditions and visit wonderful places like Clonmacnoise, Athlone Castle, Athenry Heritage Centre, Galway and Dublin, after presentations in the classroom in the morning.

I would repeat this experience willingly.

Marcello Murgia Work experience student Italy 21st December 2014

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