Irish Slang Words A-Z

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GAA and Gaelic Football in Ireland

The Gaelic Athletic Association known as GAA is Irelands largest sporting organisation. It is part of the Irish culture and plays an influential role in Irish society. It was founded on November 1st 1884 at a meeting in Thurles, Co. Tipperary by a group of Irish men. Within six months of

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Acting the maggot- Fooling around

Banjaxed- Broken

Bang on- Accurate

Boyo- Male/juvenile

Black stuff- Guinness

Bad dose- Severe illness

Brutal- Awful

Bucketing down- Raining heavy

Bunk off-   Skip school/work

Chancer- Takes a risk

Chiseller – Child

Codding ya- Joking

Crack on- Get going, continue

Culchie- Person from the countryside/rural areas

Delira and Excira- Delighted and Excited

Deadly- Brilliant

Donkeys years- A very long time

Dosser- Not working/ messing

Eat the head off- To give out to

Earwigging- Listening in

Fair play- Well done

Fella- Man, boy

Fierce- Very good

Gaff- Home

Gammy- Crooked

Gander- Quick glance

Gas- Funny/amusing

Grand- Ok, alright

Hames- Complete mess

Holy show- Disgraceful scenes

How’s she cutting?-  How are you?

How ya- Hi/hello

Jacks- Toilet

Jar- Beer

Kip- Dump of a place, a sleep

Knackered- Exhausted

Lash- Rain hard, attempt something

Manky/Mank- Dirty/ gross

Oul fella- Father 

Oul dear- Mother

Puss- Sulky face

Savage- Excellent/unreal

Scarlet- Embarrassed

Sorry – Excuse me

Story-  What’s happening?

Throw shapes- To show off

Trinners- Trinity College Dublin

 Whist- Be quiet


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