Irish Slang Words A-Z

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Acting the maggot- Fooling around

Banjaxed- Broken

Bang on- Accurate

Boyo- Male/juvenile

Black stuff- Guinness

Bad dose- Severe illness

Brutal- Awful

Bucketing down- Raining heavy

Bunk off-   Skip school/work

Chancer- Takes a risk

Chiseller – Child

Codding ya- Joking

Crack on- Get going, continue

Culchie- Person from the countryside/rural areas

Delira and Excira- Delighted and Excited

Deadly- Brilliant

Donkeys years- A very long time

Dosser- Not working/ messing

Eat the head off- To give out to

Earwigging- Listening in

Fair play- Well done

Fella- Man, boy

Fierce- Very good

Gaff- Home

Gammy- Crooked

Gander- Quick glance

Gas- Funny/amusing

Grand- Ok, alright

Hames- Complete mess

Holy show- Disgraceful scenes

How’s she cutting?-  How are you?

How ya- Hi/hello

Jacks- Toilet

Jar- Beer

Kip- Dump of a place, a sleep

Knackered- Exhausted

Lash- Rain hard, attempt something

Manky/Mank- Dirty/ gross

Oul fella- Father 

Oul dear- Mother

Puss- Sulky face

Savage- Excellent/unreal

Scarlet- Embarrassed

Sorry – Excuse me

Story-  What’s happening?

Throw shapes- To show off

Trinners- Trinity College Dublin

 Whist- Be quiet


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