Student Trip to Causey Farm

Our students regularly take trips to various places throughout their time in Ireland. Here is an account of a day trip to Causey Farm, which is located in Navan, in County Meath.

Causey Farm offers a variety of activities and a wonderful day out for our students, leaders and teachers. Activities include bread making, sheep herding, traditional dancing, bodhrán playing, animal petting, puppy loving, calf birthing and bog jumping. There is something for everyone.

The students particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to milk the cows. This activity was filled with nervous laughs and giggles from start to finish.

“We all found this very funny”

“The milk came out really really quickly”

“My favourite animal was the cow”




The students are immersed in the Irish culture throughout their time visiting the farm. They take part in an Irish dancing lesson and they learn how to play the Bodhrán. The Bodhrán is an Irish frame drum, although common in Ireland, it has gained popularity among the Celtic music world.


The petting farm is an aspect thoroughly enjoyed by the students, they get to see lots of different animals.

” It was strange being able to hold a chicken like that… It was really funny, I had never done that before”

 ” The pigs were a little smelly and some of them were so big, I couldn’t believe it”



The students enjoyed a morning of bread making. They had to bake bread all by themselves. When they had finished, they all tasted and tested each other’s. A lot of laughs and giggles were had, as they discussed who had made the nicest bread and who had made the worst. 


“The bread I made was so delicious”

“It was really fun to make the bread, it was my first time”





To finish off their day at Causey Farm, the students enjoyed an afternoon of bog jumping.

 “The activity I liked and enjoyed the most was getting into the mud”

“We all looked really funny covered in mud”

“Causey Farm, for me was an unforgettable experience and a lot of fun” 

“It was the best excursion ever”

Laura Kelly-Cultural Teacher

Hi! My name is Laura and I am part of the team here at Shannon Academy of English. My experience working here has been nothing short of excellent. My role within the academy includes teaching and facilating activities and trips for our students. Our program sees a number of students from different countries arrive each week. Each group of students are different, but one thing they have in common is their excitement and enthusiasm to learn and practice their English here with us and also to explore what Athlone and Ireland has to offer.

Working here is very diverse and no two weeks are the same. A week with us could see a visit to the amazing Cliffs of Moher, learning the skills of Irish sports or an adventure around Galway or Dublin City. With a wide range of activities on offer, students are always busy and are constantly practicing their English. As a graduate of a modern languages degree from the National University of Ireland Galway, I know how difficult it can be to learn a foreign language and I personally believe that immersion is the key to language learning. Therefore I think that with our friendly bunch of staff, welcoming host families and detailed English syllabus each student can benefit hugely from their time here with us at Shannon Academy.

Since I began working here, I have also learned a lot! Students are always eager to tell us the differences between Ireland and their home country and I enjoy hearing what they have to say. Each student that comes has their own story and their own unique personality. I really enjoy being in the classroom with the students as it allows for their personalities to shine through and because the lessons are fun and productive, students learn a lot during their time here. Another thing I enjoy are the weekend trips we take, for example a day trip strolling through Galway city whilst hearing the music and seeing the culture that the streets of the city have to offer or a morning on the cliffs of Moher, Irelands most visited attraction. All our activities and trips are full of excitement and allow for the students to learn about the history and culture of Ireland. The time spent with us allows these students to become more confident with the English language and the majority of students do not want to leave when their course is finished. For me I thoroughly enjoy when the students can see themselves improving whether it be their written or spoken English. Our courses are all about improving the student’s confidence in English while also having a great time and gaining new experiences. Finally for me, working here allows me to experience new cultures and meet new people on a daily basis. It also allows for new friendships to be formed and a lot of fun to be had!