Irish Slang Words A-Z

Acting the maggot- Fooling around Banjaxed- Broken Bang on- Accurate Boyo- Male/juvenile Black stuff- Guinness Bad dose- Severe illness Brutal- Awful Bucketing down- Raining heavy Bunk off-   Skip school/work Chancer- Takes a risk Chiseller – Child Codding ya- Joking Crack on- Get going, continue Culchie- Person from the countryside/rural areas Delira and Excira- Delighted […]

Irish Celebrities

Pierce Brosnan is an Irish actor, film producer and architect. He was born in Drogheda County Louth. However, after living in Navan County Meath for approximately 12 years he considers it his hometown. Pierce Brosnan is well known for his role as ‘James Bond’ which he played for a total of four films during the years […]

The differences between Hurling and Camogie

Hurling and Camogie are both hugely popular sports in Ireland and are followed by many people across the country. They rank as the fastest paced field sport in the world and so require a phenomenal level of skill, great fitness and mental strength to play. Men play hurling and women play Camogie. While they are similar, […]

GAA and Gaelic Football in Ireland

The Gaelic Athletic Association known as GAA is Irelands largest sporting organisation. It is part of the Irish culture and plays an influential role in Irish society. It was founded on November 1st 1884 at a meeting in Thurles, Co. Tipperary by a group of Irish men. Within six months of that famous meeting, GAA clubs […]

Animals unique to Ireland

Irish Red Setters are hunting dogs. They are known for their stunning appearance and are equally known for their rollicking attitude. They are clownish rogues of the dog world. Setters are lively, clever and come with a great sense of mischief. Rich red in colour with floppy ears, they have a lifespan of between 10-15 years […]

Old Halloween Traditions

Colcannon Colcannon was a traditional Halloween dinner. Colcannon is boiled potatoes, curly cabbage and raw onion. Coins were wrapped in baking paper and placed in the potato for the children to find and keep.   Halloween cake A traditional Halloween cake is call barnbrack, which is a fruit cake. Each family member gets a piece. […]

Halloween in Ireland

Halloween originated in Ireland. It comes from the ancient Celtic festival Samhain which is pronounced sow- in. This is old Irish and means end of summer. The 1stof November became known as- All Saints or All hallows day which was a day to honour for all the saints and martyrs. This resulted in the night […]